Pregnancy Weight -- How to Lose Your Babyo Weight After Pregnancy


Pregnancy undoubtedly takes a toll on your body. There are the hormonal changes, the morning sickness, and the obvious fact that something so big came out of somewhere so small. Despite those changes, you might still be expecting your body to revert back to its pre-pregnant self right after birth. If you’ve been flipping through gossip magazines and gawking at the tiny post-pregnancy bodies donned by what seems like every celeb mom, don’t be fooled. Kicking left over pregnancy weight can be a lengthy process.

Even without a cesarean section, your tummy has gone through some trauma. During the pregnancy, your abdominal muscles have split down the middle to accommodate your growing baby, and they need time to heal. With stretching muscles comes stretching skin-your once tight tummy might temporarily look more like a deflated balloon. In addition, pregnancy hormones have softened your ligaments and joints, and you may have just started breastfeeding. Working out during the months following your pregnancy might be difficult, but not impossible. Here are some tips for kicking the extra pounds without doing damage:

  • Skip the strenuous workout for the first few weeks. Your body needs to heal.
  • Avoid high-impact exercises and over-stretching three months after birth.
  • After your pregnancy, your uterus slowly contracts to help flatten your tummy. Aid your muscles with consistent post-pregnancy exercises.
  • Healthy eating is the key to post-pregnancy weight loss.
  • Talk to your doctor. You might not know if you are ready, and if you’re not, that’s okay.

Remember, losing weight is a cinch for some women, but it could be more difficult for you. The most important thing is to remain healthy for your baby; she needs you. Instead of becoming hung-up on the extra weight, focus on your new family member.

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