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Pregnant and Suffering from Toddler Abuse

By emily |

My soon-to-be two-year-old son’s named Gage. His nickname, almost right from the very beginning, has been “The Rage”. While this kids has the most loving, tender heart ever, there is nothing gentle about him. Like a bull in a china shop, this kid is a whirlwind of terror everywhere he goes. If it’s sitting out, he will destroy it.

Have I mentioned that he has the strength of a million men?

As of recently, between my growing belly, and my exhaustion from managing him day in and day out, I’m starting to feel like he’s seriously put me (and his unborn brother) through the ringer.

Let me count the ways I’m getting my butt kicked by a two-year-old:

A few days ago, as I was carrying him up the stairs to go for a nap (that he of course wanted nothing to do with), he arched his back and sent us both tumbling up the stairs. Yes, up the stairs. I cringe to admit it, but my belly took the brunt of the fall. I’m by no means making light of this situation, it was scary.

Then later in the day, I needed to carry him to the car, instead of letting him walk on his own and he threw such a tantrum in my arms that I hurt something in my lower back. You know, like a never before used muscle.

Yesterday, as I was trying to change his diaper (again, something he wanted nothing to do with) he repeatedly kicked my stomach as he tried to squirm away from me. His sharp heel jabs gave me a good Braxton Hicks contraction.

Speaking of contraction, can you yell at your kid (because OMG you just discovered him on top of the kitchen counter where you keep the knives) with such emotion that it sends you into premature labor?

Needless to say, this kid is a handful, and I’m not really caring for him with much poise and grace lately.

I’m having another baby (boy) in 15 weeks. Hold me.

*note: I was just about ready to hit publish, when my son started crying from the other room. Apparently he just attempted to jump off the coffee table and split his lower lip open. He’s fine, and also very self-destructive.

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Emily Elling is a corporate interior designer and freelance writer. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and four unintentionally hilarious children. Emily also blogs at her personal blog, DesignHER Momma. Read bio and latest posts → Read emily's latest posts →

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0 thoughts on “Pregnant and Suffering from Toddler Abuse

  1. Amanda says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from! My little boy is 14 months old today and I am due with my 2nd little boy in 9 weeks! I told my husband last night that I can no longer take him up to bed because all he does is arch his back and kick my stomach! It sounds like your little man is a bit more rambunctious than mine but Caleb definitely has his moments where I think to myself that baby #2 is going to come out with bruises all over! And yes, my little man has caused Braxton Hicks in me too!! :-) your not alone, if that helps at all!

  2. Sarah Partain says:

    Dang! And I thought Flannery was crazy busy. I guess she is, in her own little girlie way!

  3. Desiree says:

    My sister’s two year old has been putting me and my unborn child through the ringer as well. I have been kicked, hit, ect while trying to keep him under control. I feel your pain. See if family/ relatives can help you watch him while your pregnancy progresses because at 9 months trust me it doesn’t get any easier. Good luck!

  4. Katie says:

    Luke yells at me when he’s in your excer-saucer and wants out – yes at 10 months, YELLING, and the face he makes while yelling and right after, reminds me of Gage every time. Every time. :)

  5. Nicole at Arrows Sent Forth says:

    I’ve already decided that at a certain age, I’m going to let Baby #2 get a few, good, clean kicks or punches at his/her big brother, for all the times he/she has been kicked and punched by him while in the womb. It’s only fair… :)

  6. Lisa says:

    LOL I have an almost 4 year old boy and a 2 1/2 year old girl and am due with #3 in 6 weeks. This has been the hardest pregnancy ever! These kids just don’t stop! And naps! Yeah right! IF I can get both of them down for one, it never seems to be at the same time so you can forget me getting one! And they don’t understand that my belly is not a ball to be bounced off of! UGGG New baby girl is going to come out mad, I just know it!

  7. Brittany Nail says:

    Maybe you should start beating that kid’s ass instead of letting him grow up and learn that it’s okay to push you around.

  8. Kristen says:

    I’m dealing with this as well with my 26 month old, She kicks, hits and climbs all over me. It’s exhausting to say the least and doesn’t get any easier as pregnancy progresses.

  9. Brittany Nail says:

    You all are disgusting.

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