Pregnant Kate Hudson Says It Feels Like A Girl


kate hudson is pregnantKate Hudson appeared on the Graham Norton show last night. The actress spoke publicly about her pregnancy for the first time since it was revealed last week that she was expecting her second child with her boyfriend, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy. This pregnancy apparently feels different than her first, if her comments are any indication. As Kate says: “It feels like a girl, but I don’t know.” (Ryder, her seven year old, also seems to think it’s a girl. No word on the dad’s prediction.)

It would be interesting to see some statistics on mothers’ vibes about the sex of the babies they’re carrying. Is there any accuracy to a mother’s instinct when it comes to a baby’s sex?

The scientific answer is probably no. (I googled and googled but wasn’t able to find any peer-reviewed studies to support, or even refute, the idea). But maybe anecdotal evidence tells a different story?

Then there’s the first vs. second pregnancy thing. My two pregnancies did feel different. I definitely had a boy vibe both times. But I wonder if the second time I was just trying to get myself used to the idea of having two boys in case I did. In retrospect, my daughter’s fetal movements were very gentle and graceful, which could have belied her ballerina-like moves now that she’s a kid. But at the time, I didn’t think of that as male or female. In fact, I was so convinced she was a boy that I misheard the OB’s proclamation, “Look at this peanut!” when she emerged and thought she was talking about the baby’s penis. “It’s a boy!” I exclaimed. Just as I’d thought.

Did you have any instinct about whether the baby in your belly was a boy or a girl? Were you accurate?

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