(Pregnant) Ladies First: Are You Getting The Treatment You Deserve?


Are you getting kid-glove treatment while pregnant? If so, do you like it?  If no, do you want it?

The author of the blog Newly Pregnant In NYC is finding that in the US– or at least NYC– pregnant women are treated pretty much like everyone else. Whereas in Europe there’s a completely different attitude. And she liked it:

“…it all changed the moment I stood in line at the Air France counter at the airport on my way here. The staff pulled me to the front of the line, and changed my seat to give me one with extra leg room. They placed a “priority” tag on my luggage so I wouldn’t have to wait. I’d also gotten distracted responding to emails on my iPhone, and was waiting in line to board. Several French passengers motioned that I should be boarding priority… in Italy I’ve been treated like a princess. Every one insists you take it easy, not so much as fetch your own tea… People on the streets make way, the lunch lady insisted I take a complimentary box of milk with my lunch…”

Our ideas about pregnancy and birth are so informed by our culture and traditions. I felt that I got some props when I was knocked up in NYC. And I did enjoy them for the most part. The irony is that I was pretty well capable of most things when I was pregnant and could have used a lot more help once babies and toddlers were involved. (Amazing how a mother of toddlers suddenly becomes invisible, as she struggles to get a stroller and lunch boxes and snotty kids through the supermarket door…. but I digress…)

Special treatment in pregnancy can go both ways. It can make you feel special and important. Or sick and vulnerable. I liked the princess treatment a lot more than the “be careful” stuff.  How is it working out for you?

photo: EmeryCo/Flickr