Pregnant Lily Allen Takes a Tumble in London: So Much For Sensible Shoes!


Just when you thought someone famous was actually being sensible about her gestational footwear, Brit Singer Lily Allen slipped and fell in a hotel lobby in London. No word about what she was wearing at the time, but recent photos show her traipsing about town in substantial heels.

Lily told the press that her recent performance in Converse All-Stars was motivated by her boyfriend’s refusal to allow her to wear heels while pregnant. Presumably, he was worried about her falling and hurting herself. It seems he may have had good reason to be.

Ms. Allen’s fall injured her wrist, and she was later treated for whiplash. Much of the press on the issue makes a big deal out of the fact that a pregnant woman falling is no laughing matter. So if we’re all supposed to take it so seriously, why are so many pregnant women running around in ginormous platforms?

Obviously, what to wear on your feet during pregnancy or at any time is a personal choice. But perhaps there should be a little more education about the risks of high-risk footwear while pregnant? Personal injuries always rise with the trends in heel height. But this translation of the sky-high shoe to the pregnant woman is something quite new. It’s only recently that women have been able to easily keep their glamourous fashions going through pregnancy. Along with this freedom comes the expectation that a pregnant woman in the public eye must keep up appearances, head to toe. It’s inevitable that if more pregnant women wear exceedingly high heels, more pregnant women will be tripping, slipping and falling in them. And injuries are bound to result. Lily Allen’s were quite minor, thankfully.  But in this age of hyperawareness of pregnancy safety, where we worry so much about anything we eat, drink, touch or inhale damaging our babies, isn’t it strange that some of our most public pregnancies are just a step away from losing their balance?

photo: Solarpix / PR Photos

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