7 Hilarious Ways Being Drunk is Just Like Being Pregnant


It is funny how you can relate to situations in life through your own experiences. Even if you have not been through an exactly similar situation, you can usually pull things from your life that may be surprisingly close to a totally unrelated situation.

Take pregnancy for example. Even if you’ve not been pregnant you might be able to relate a bit to a stomach that just won’t settle or being so tired you’re not sure how you are going to get through the day. Sure, you can’t really compare the two — but you can see a glimpse into what it might be like.

Truth is if you have ever been drunk, you might be able to relate to pregnancy more then you realize. Sure, the situations are very different (and you can’t get drunk while pregnant) but there are surprisingly similar situations you will find yourself in.

Click through to read just how similar pregnancy and being drunk is:

  • Late Night Food Cravings 1 of 7
    Late Night Food Cravings
    Pregnant: Just before you fall asleep you realize you really want a slice of pizza... like NOW!
    Drunk: Just before your next drink you realize you HAVE to go get pizza.
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  • Upset Stomach / Vomiting 2 of 7
    Upset Stomach / Vomiting
    Pregnant: Morning sickness, all day sickness is more like it.
    Drunk: Beer gut and mixing alcohol has done a number on your stomach.
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  • Trouble Getting Up In the Morning 3 of 7
    Trouble Getting Up In the Morning
    Pregnant: Hormones and pregnancy fatigue make it more important to sleep and hard to get up.
    Drunk: 6 beers and 3 shots of tequila means your still drunk in the morning and need more sleep.
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  • Can’t Get Comfortable Sleeping 4 of 7
    Can't Get Comfortable Sleeping
    Pregnant: The round belly and heartburn when you lay down makes it impossible to get comfortable.
    Drunk: The room spins and piercing headache makes it impossible to get comfortable.
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  • Rounder Mid-Section 5 of 7
    Rounder Mid-Section
    Pregnant: Your stomach gets rounder and bigger as your baby grows.
    Drunk: Your stomach gets rounder and bigger as your drinking increases.
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  • Body Aches and Back Pain 6 of 7
    Body Aches and Back Pain
    Pregnant: Shifts in your balance and more weight due to the baby gives you back pain and body aches.
    Drunk: Jumping off the stage at the bar and falling in the street gives you back pain and body aches.
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  • “Did I Just Pee Myself?” 7 of 7
    "Did I Just Pee Myself?"
    Pregnant: The pressure of the baby on your bladder means when you sneezed, you peed a bit.
    Drunk: The pressure of all the alcohol on your bladder means when you laughed, you peed a bit -- or it was a dare.
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