Pregnant With Twins - What Would You Do?


Because we’re going super low-tech this pregnancy, we don’t have “confirmation” that there’s just one baby in my womb until the birth day rolls around. We’re not doing any ultrasounds, we’re not doing a doppler (just fetoscope) and the other “signs” are not definitive so the possibility of twins is always something floating in the back of my mind.

My husband has twins in his family, I’ve had dreams of twins (like literal dreams at night) more than once this pregnancy. It’s a little thing that just can’t be put to rest.

I asked my midwife (the old one) early on how we’d know if we were having twins, and her response: “when the second baby pops out“.

Have you ever imagined yourself with two babies at once? Is it something that scares you or is it something you long for? For me it’s fun to imagine, but at the same time I realize how much our lives would have to change. Needs of a bigger bed, bigger house and bigger car come to mind.

How about you twin mamas – is it really all that hard? Is it harder than we could imagine?