Pregnant Woman to Compete in London Olympics


In just a few months the summer games will open in London, a tradition that I absolutely love. There’s something about watching Olympics that makes me feel like I might secretly be a great athlete. I don’t think I need to tell you that my secret athleticism has never flourished and that at 28 years old I should give up my secret Olympic dreams, but for one woman, even pregnancy isn’t going to stand in the way of hers.

Yes, you read that right. A pregnant woman will be competing in London. And given that we already know now that she’s pregnant, it’s not like her baby will be a tiny little zygote. No, by the time her event rolls around, she’ll be a whopping 8 months pregnant.

I know you’re probably trying to figure out what sport you can do while 8 months pregnant and I’ll just end your great suspense. The woman, Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi, is a shooter from Malaysia who will be competing in the 10m air rifle event. She’s already gotten her Olympic berth blessed by her doctor, though like all of us, she knows that something could come up between now and then, so there’s unfortunately no guarantee that she’ll be able to make the journey this summer.

I’m not a particularly violent person, but I won’t lie, I can see how shooting pretty much anything at 8 months pregnant might be nice.

Taibi actually qualified in 2 events, however, the 50m competition would require her to lay on her stomach and as anyone who has ever been 8 months pregnant knows, that is no small feat. She’s chosen instead to focus on the 10m competition and with a little creative scheduling will hopefully be back home in plenty of time to deliver her baby safely.

Even though her 10m event doesn’t require her to lay on her stomach, can you imagine how tough it would be to maintain your balance and precision with a baby that size moving around? There are some days where my stomach looks like it’s housing a circus, I don’t know what I’d do if I had to stay completely still and aim carefully at a target. Here’s to hoping her baby is cooperative and maybe a little sleepy that day.

Hopefully all goes well and we can see this woman, pregnant and all, representing her country this summer.


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