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10 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Getting Pregnant

By Jeanette Issa |

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  • 10 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Getting Pregnant

         The prenatal bucket list

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby

    While life as you know it won't totally end when a baby comes onto the scene, the spontaneity of a woman with child is much more limited than that of one who does not have to consider naptime, feeding schedules, and doctor appointments. So, if you’ve been trying to get pregnant and need a little respite, here are 10 things you can do before there’s a baby on board.  

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  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Take an adventure vacation

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Take an adventure vacation If you have always fantasized about scuba diving with sharks in Australia, zip-lining through the rain forest in Costa Rica, or hiking up Mount Everest, consider crossing that adventure vacation off your bucket list before trying to get pregnant. Obviously such extreme activities can be dangerous for pregnant women and, once your future baby arrives, you may find yourself putting them off in favor of more family-friendly trips that don't require waivers and physicals.

    Some couples never stop traveling — even after baby

  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Go to the theater

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Go to the theater Once pregnant, the theater — with its cramped seating, limited bathroom breaks, and late-night timing — might actually seem more torturous than entertaining. Take in a play, an opera, or a concert before space, time and the right to pee are not deal-breakers for your enjoyable night out.

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  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Drink up

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Drink up Boozing it up is a standard pregnancy no-no, so before you try to conceive, go on that wine tasting tour, conduct that home beer brewing experiment, or try out that specialty cocktail at your favorite restaurant. While your doctor might not take alcohol completely off the table once your conception effort begins, your freedom to swig will significantly lessen.

    This mom still enjoyed a glass of wine during her pregnancy

  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Cancel Netflix

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Drink up Ever tried to sit through a movie after drinking a Big Gulp? When you're pregnant, you don't need to drink 64 ounces of liquid to motivate frequent potty trips. Enjoy movie dates with friends and family now, and resume your Netflix subscription once you're pregnant (you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the “pause” button).

    Plus, some movies are harder to watch

  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Volunteer abroad

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Drink up If you've always wanted to teach English in a third world country or assist with relief efforts in an area hit with a natural disaster, pack your bags now. You have the physical freedom to get your hands dirty without having to worry about overexertion or needing regular prenatal care. Bonus: you'll be able to tell your future kids about that period of your life with a feel-good sense of accomplishment.

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  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Utilize your extra bedroom

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Drink up Do yoga in the extra bedroom. Or crafts. Or your spouse. It's your space for now — enjoy it before it's time to repurpose it for your future little one.

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  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Adopt a (kid-friendly) shelter dog

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Adopt a (kid-friendly) shelter dog Simultaneously adjusting to both parenthood and puppyhood might be too much for any sane person to handle at once. If you're set on having a family pet, adopt a dog at your local animal shelter that has already proven to be kid-friendly, and then spend some time getting Spot well-trained and acclimated to his new home before adding a baby to the mix.

    This mom loved her pets — until she had a baby

  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Spend quality time with single and childless friends

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Spend quality time with single and childless friends Though good friends will continue to be good friends regardless of your pregnancy status, your invitations to Thirsty Thursdays and disco dance nights may dwindle with the assumption that you probably won't want to go out once you're bloated, fatigued, and dry. Let the good times roll now, and reassure them later that you really do still want to hang, even if it's at an 11 am brunch instead of an 11 pm pub crawl.

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  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Eat forbidden foods

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Eat forbidden foods Sushi, cookie dough, and unpasteurized cheeses may be some of your favorite foods, but they will be off the menu once you start trying to conceive. Bid them adieu in a farewell pig-out with a few good girlfriends.

    Breaking a few forbidden food rules is okay according to this mom

  • The Prenatal Bucket List

         Buy a really nice camera

    10 things every woman should do before having a baby: Buy a really nice camera

    Pregnancy is an expensive endeavor, so buy that fancy-schmancy camera while you have a few extra bucks in your pocket that aren't earmarked for stretch cream, maternity clothes, and doctor bills. Use it now to document your bucket list adventures and, later, your adventures as a new parent! From first breath to first steps, here’s how to take the best baby pictures

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23 thoughts on “10 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Getting Pregnant

  1. Jennifer L. Gimbel says:

    So many good ideas!!

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  3. Shannon Gibbs says:

    Great article! I definitely won’t be having kids anytime soon but loved the tips and it was very well written :)

  4. Laura Bacon says:

    I agree with all of these! I’m 8 months pregnant now and pretty much had all of those checked off and done before I got pregnant. I never really liked sushi though :)

  5. Courtney Beirne says:

    Ohhh!! How many of those things do I miss?!!

  6. Jamie Marie Bacon says:

    Love this! I am not even close to being preggers which is why I am working on doing all the good stuff before it happens. For example, I am moving to China for my volunteer work!

  7. Susan Goodwin says:

    Love the article! Good tips for living it up, whether you plan on being pregnant or not!

  8. finchie says:

    great article! i didn’t even think of half of this stuff but totally true. i’m also getting on the phone first thing tomorrow to assure my preggo friends i’ll still hang out with them for brunches and trips once they have a kid in their lives.

  9. Nupur Bal says:

    Fantastic article – I totally agree – these are the things you miss when you have a little one!

  10. Kiki says:

    This reminds me of … You can eat sushi, drink booze, go to plays, go to movies, volunteer abroad, and take adventure family vacations after you have kids, too – life doesn’t have to end when you become a mother. :) Oh, and my SIL and BIL just took their three kids (ages 4-7) to Costa Rica with her parents – they snorkeled, swam, and my SIL and BIL even zip-lined through the jungle. Just saying… :)

  11. Jessica Glassberg says:

    I have a sudden urge to eat forbidden foods while diving with sharks in Australia (maybe I’ll just eat the shark), I’ll take plenty of pictures, then I’ll write an opera about it, which will then be turned into a movie. I’ll drink gallons of wine with my childless friends in celebration. Feeling gluttonous, I will want to give back by volunteering abroad and adopting a shelter dog who I will give free reign to our extra bedroom!

  12. valerie y says:

    great article! lots of fantastic ideas!

  13. Kat says:

    I would add getting that tattoo you’ve always wanted but have been putting off for whatever reason. You can’t get tattooed when you are pregnant OR nursing so do it now!

  14. Anonymous says:

    i dnt like doing very many things. i like to spend time with my family. my daughter is 9 months old and she is way better then doing any of the above.

  15. Theresa says:

    This is silly. I would not recommend putting off having kids until you have completed some kind of bucket list! Doing this stuff by myself would not come close to having my beautiful children underfoot and adventuring together as a family. What if I had put off having them and could no longer conceive for whatever reason?

  16. Leila says:

    I think this article is suggesting that these are things you should do before you get PREGNANT. It’s not suggesting you can’t do these things once your kids have arrived or are a little older. Life doesn’t end once you have kids, but you are a little limited for 9+ months. That’s how I read it. Obviously I’m not going to have a problem with going to a movie theater when my kids are born. It’s when I’m 8 months pregnant and the baby is pushing on my bladder that sitting in a movie theater seems more torturous than enjoyable. Of course I’m going to take them to see the latest Disney movie when they’re here!

  17. Annabelle says:

    Yeah and you probably shouldn’t try to hike up Mount Everest or booze it up with your girlfriends when you’re trying to get pregnant so I think it’s just saying get all of that out of your system when you’re SURE you aren’t pregnant AND THEN start trying so you don’t accidentally hurt a baby that you didn’t know was on board right?!

  18. Meg says:

    I went to the theatre plenty while pregnant the first time around and have been a lot this time around too – in the past 5 days I’ve seen a triple bill of contemporary dance and an opera. Ive got to for work but its also something I enjoy and its actually an ideal activity while pregnant no alcohol, you can go to the toilet before and in the interval. Its something I missed when my son was newborn but now hes 3 we have a great time going to see appropriate performances together and hes old enough to be babysat if Im going to an evening performance.

  19. Meg says:

    Not sure about this spend quality time with single and childless friends being something you cant do when pregnant Im 16 weeks and this weekend Ill be doing just that while my husband entertains our 3 and 5 year olds. Yes Ill not be drinking but Id like to think Im not too fat and boring when sober for my mates. If anything, having a toddler makes me make the most of any time I spend with old school or uni friends at my friends wedding in Ireland in the summer (pre pregnancy) I was one of the heaviest drinkers, craziest dancers and one of the 2 who stayed out the latest and still made time for jogging before we got ready for the big day! Time with friends (or myself) is extra precious and Im still me!!! Plus Ive got some fabulous new friends who have kids my sons age and we spend quality time together. Ive got childless friends who act more middle-aged than me in terms of their social lives Im 28 not 48 and somehow manage to work part time in a career I love, spend great chunks of time with my family, socialize and exercise.

  20. Josh says:

    I think it’s also a great idea to take a romantic trip with your husband before getting pregnant. I have a 4 year old niece and a 2 year old nephew, but since the latter was born my sister hasn’t had anytime to go on a trip with my brother-in-law. It’s not so easy to find family and friends who can babysit, and babysitters can be really expensive!

    Josh Rubin
    Managing Director – Build Nutrition

  21. Anonymous says:

    My DH and I were literally just talking about something similar. I’ve been trying to get all of the Long Island Iced Teas out of my system and we went on my Dream vacation last year to London!!

  22. Mr. Steve says:

    I agree that and i recommended to all of you that parental bucket list.

  23. Jeanette i loved and enjoyed your tips, and i have promised myself to go for each of them before i become a mother :D thanks for sharing, it was so fun to read your post :)

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