Preparing For Labor - How To Birth Right



As I ready myself to enter the third trimester, I’m beginning to really think about giving birth. Having done it 4 times before you’d think it would be like second nature – and it is, to some extent. But there’s also a part of me that realizes I’m a different woman than I have been at any other birth. I’m so different, that maybe I will birth different?

I believe you birth how you handle life – and therefore it’s hugely important to look at how you handle life’s stress, life’s big moments, and see if you’re ready for birth. I still have a lot of lingering PTSD and anxiety from my loss of my daughter that I know has to be managed now. I don’t want labor to begin and something to be triggered and things to go downhill (emotionally) fast.

But more than the negative side of things I’m thinking about the positive side.  I’ve learned so much in the way of training my soul to dig deep and live in a space of peace and acceptance. I am excited to use my new heart “skills” and birth this baby in a whole new way.

Are you thinking about your mind and heart connection to your birth?

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