Pro-Choice & Protecting the Rights of Our Children

A couple months ago, I wrote about the current attack on reproductive rights in America and why it makes me incredibly upset and worried for my daughter, and I was lucky enough today to come across another post from a mother of adult children that really sparked more thought on the subject as a whole.

The author, a woman by the name of D. Horne who also wrote the book “The Light in the Leaves: a memoir about an American mother and daughter”, took the time to write an amazing essay and confession on

In the essay she discusses her own struggle with the choice of an abortion, teen pregnancy, and how these choices impact all American families, not the stereotypical irresponsible or careless people who typically become the poster children for abortion, or birth control failures.   Married couples with children have unplanned pregnancies, couples who are also struggling to put food on the table for those same children in this current economic climate where the unemployment level is high, gas prices are over $4 a gallon, and 1 out of every 5 women have no form of medical insurance.

The author makes a compelling point about what is going on currently:

The alarming trend now is the attack on women’s rights by the Republican politicians tied to the religious conservative groups.  State laws are being proposed across the country to restrict access to abortion services and reproductive healthcare.  Regardless of your personal view of abortion, keeping the government out of the exam room and out of your healthcare should be supported by everyone who believes in individual freedom.  Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, your personal reproductive and medical choices must always be yours to make.

Most of you who read here, or have read my posts on pregnancy and reproductive freedoms know this couldn’t be closer to my belief. But it goes much deeper.  Because if we allow these laws to be written and actually become law across the country, the next step will be the restrictions to prenatal care choices, and birth choices.  Thinking that the same politicians will stop their moral war in certain exam rooms, and not others is sadly ignorant.

Want a home birth?  In certain states legislators are already moving towards making that choice illegal for you!   Want an epidural?  If you live in certain states and are covered by medicaid insurance, some legislators are moving towards eliminating that option from your care.  Want a repeat c-section or scheduled c-section?  Too bad, maybe you will have to pay out of pocket for you because of legislators trying to make cuts to medicaid programs.    It is a slippery slope when we allow our medical choices to really become a political issue rather than a human rights issue.

In closing D. Horne said:

I’d like to propose a new idea for the “pro-life” platform.  Rather than intruding into my personal medical care with your beliefs, do something that actually supports life.  Look at the world and see how existing life struggles to survive.  Stop corporations from polluting the air we breathe and contaminating the food we eat.  It will save lives.  Find a way to feed every child we already have so that they become self-sustaining and productive.  Focus on education for every child so that they learn to care for themselves and others. Here’s another good idea.  Support women’s rights internationally so that every woman’s life improves and violence toward women is not tolerated.  These actions would actually be “pro-life”.  So ask yourself this – if he came back and saw the damage to this once flourishing and healthy planet, what would Jesus do?  He’d be trying to help the children around him.

Which I couldn’t agree more with. Let’s focus on the country today and what we already have before we take on any new problems, or create more problems over moral wars.


Article Posted 5 years Ago
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