Rachel Uchitel Announces She's Pregnant By Tweeting Baby Bump Pics

Uchitel and new husband, Matt Hahn.

She is most famously known as the woman who brought about golf legend Tiger Woods’ downfall.

Rachel Uchitel, who was the first mistress reported in the Woods saga, announced she’s expecting a baby with her new husband today by tweeting pics of her baby bump.

As RadarOnline reports, Uchitel tweeted this photo with the caption, “Expecting big things for 2012… Five down, Four months to go…” She tweeted a similar second photo with the caption “checking out my baby bump bump at 5 months…”

Then her husband, Matt Hahn tweeted “So excited and very blessed to be having a baby with my love @RachelUchitel , u have never looked more gorgeous, I love u” and a Twitter love fest ensued.

Uchitel, 36, married Hahn in October and told the website last month that “a baby is the plan”.  She said she doesn’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, just so long as the baby is healthy, but if it is a boy, she tells RadarOnline she hopes “he’ll be as handsome as his dad!”

After the Tiger Woods scandal Uchitel appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for her ‘love addiction’ and revealed that it all started after the death of her one-time fiancee, Andy O’Grady, a businessman who was killed during 9/11.

I’m glad to see Uchitel appears to have finally found love and has her life on track.  Congrats to the happy couple!