Rachel Zoe And Victoria Beckham Pregnant & In Ridiculous Stilettos


So with all her stylist clout, all her fashion expertise, all her designer access Rachel Zoe just could not find one single other pair of boots to go with her black maternity jumpsuit than a pair of 6 inch Brian Atwood leopard print platform boots? (The four inch Manolos weren’t slimming enough?) I have always been taught that the most stylish women make it look effortless. This move seems nothing if not effortful.

And it’s not just Zoe. Victoria Beckham, was photographed in an airport wearing a pair of 6.5 inch Christian Louboutin platform stilettos! For traveling? A pair of Uggs wouldn’t do? 

Beckham is only five months pregnant with a bump the size of a bagel, so she’s arguably not that wobbly and this is perfectly fine from a safety POV. Look, I’m into cheetah tranny platforms as much as the next mom. But there’s just something a little disturbing about these women in their stilettos and skinnifying maternity wear. It’s such an effort to be not pregnant looking, you know? Though fierce seems to be the goal, I’m not feeling very empowered.

Here are the pictures in the UK’s Telegraph.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh?

photo: Hollywood Reporter