Rachel Zoe Is In Labor! Supposedly.


rachel zoeCelebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has reportedly checked in to LA’s Cedars Sinai Hospital. According to the buzzmasters, this is because she’s in labor with her first child, who we have heard is going to be a boy. Zoe first confirmed her pregnancy in November. Since then, has been seen about town with her unusually small baby bump and  unusually high heels.

We have not heard anything directly from Rachel Zoe’s rep, so of course it is quite possible that this could be an internet rumor. How do we know Zoe’s not just going in to check out the facilities? For that matter, how do we know she’s not having a C Section?

Not to stereotype, but everything I’ve seen about Rachel Zoe implies she’s a woman who does not give up control easily. And giving birth does require a certain giving up of control. So if I were going to have to peg someone for her personality alone, I might think she would be more about the knowing when she was going to have the baby than the unknowns of letting it happen on its own.

But wait, can you wear heels while your C-section is healing?

[via Hollywood News]