Rachel Zoe Knows How to Do Pregnancy!


rachel zoe pregnancy picRachel Zoe, fashion stylist to the stars shines on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. She’s in her third trimester with her first child, a boy.

I’m not sure about you, but my third trimester – I just want to be lazy, finish building my new bird’s nest and do anything but take on new projects. That’s not Rachel Zoe. This year, she dressed Anne Hathaway for the Oscars, all 8 costume changes.

Rachel Zoe’s clientele spans from Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Liv Tyler, Demi Moore, Jennifer Garner – you know just a few names you may recognize. Slowing down during pregnancy just doesn’t sound like an easy thing to do, and she hasn’t.

Though in a recent interview, Rachel Zoe did say “I have this visual of me and [her husband] Rodg living in this amazing house that’s not too big in the south of France, where we go for four months and just sit on the beach and make jewelry. Not to sell, just for fun and therapy. Like literally, take rocks and shells and glue them.”.

Rachel recently posted via Twitter a post that makes me say “You Go Girl!”

Who said one can’t rock 6 inch high leopard booties by @Brian_Atwood at 38 weeks pregnant!!! XoRZ

rachel zoe 38 weeks pregnant

Best wishes Rachel Zoe on a perfect delivery! We can’t wait to see what that baby boy is wearing!