Random Shower Thought: Do You Have a Tattoo on Your Baby Bump?


I have no idea why, but I was in the shower this morning thinking about tattoos. My mind tends to wander when I’m in the shower. Maybe I glanced at what I like to refer to as my “wussy” tattoo on my own wrist (a teeny-tiny music note), and it got me thinking…

Do you remember in the mid-to-late 90’s when it was all the rage to put a sun or tribal tattoo around your belly button? I can vividly remember really wanting to get one around my own…

Looking down at my swollen pregnant belly (and body) in the shower, I started thinking what the heck that tattoo would have looked liked had I gotten it? What do tattoos in general look like in that region when you’re pregnant? More importantly, what do they look like after you give birth? Should I be glad I didn’t get one?

Picture: My best friend’s pregnant belly from her pregnancy shoot.

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