Rare Footage Of Tiger Mother Giving Birth [video]


I saw a cat give birth when I was a kid and it made a big impression on me.

One day Beverly disappeared. Someone found her in a dark shed outside the house, nestled on something soft. My aunt told us that the mother wanted to feel safe and private (that’s why she was hiding) so we mustn’t do anything alarming or scary, like squeal if we wanted to watch. We promised to be quiet and so she let the little gaggle of cousins stand in the half-dark shed and watch in awe as the tiny black babies were born. There was lots of licking (mom) and sucking (babies).

I remember thinking that birth was very beautiful, but also very serious. You don’t muck around when a mother is in labor. You let her do what she needs to do. On that note, here’s some rare footage of a tiger giving birth. It’s been making the rounds on the internet and it’s quite amazing.

Thanks to National Geographic for the great footage.

And here’s the Ina May Gaskin-recommended elephant birth video.