Readers Respond: What's the Craziest Thing "Pregnancy Brain" Made You Do?


You might have heard of it, or you might be one of the lucky ones to have experienced it first-hand. “Pregnancy brain” can make you do some funny and crazy things.

I think it stems from a combination of hormones doing funny things to the body and your body being tired from, you know, growing a human. It makes me tired just thinking of doing that all again. Pregnancy brain hit me each time I was pregnant. I am normally a very organized person and I found that I was forgetting things, losing things, and generally not feeling like myself.

We asked Babble readers about the craziest things they did while under the pregnancy brain influence. I found myself nodding to many of the responses — I’ve done many of the same things!

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  • Locked Keys 1 of 15
    Locked Keys
    "I actually locked my keys in the car with it running when I was pregnant with my son!" - Shanna
    Image: graur razvan ionut
  • Wrong House 2 of 15
    Wrong House
    "I went in to my neighbor's apartment instead of mine." - Janine
    Image: Michelle Meiklejohn
  • Toothpaste? 3 of 15
    "I tried to wash my hands with toothpaste!" - Jennifer
    Image: digitalart
  • What Was I Thinking? 4 of 15
    What Was I Thinking?
    "I very calmly and coolly lifted the lid to the toilet, tossed my hairbrush in, and then closed the lid!" - Sara
    Image: imagerymajestic
  • Then I Cried 5 of 15
    Then I Cried
    "I went into a store, forgot what I was in there for and started crying ... needless to say I got out of there fast!" - Mindy
    Image: Ambro
  • Left the Stove On 6 of 15
    Left the Stove On
    "Left the stove on after dinner, went to sleep, and didn't realize it was on until I woke up overheated in the middle of the night. I'm lucky that's all that happened!" - Tiffany
    Image: Michelle Meiklejohn
  • Took Me a Day 7 of 15
    Took Me a Day
    "It took me a day to realize that I had shaved the same leg twice while totally neglecting the other leg. True story." - Tina
    Image: Ambro
  • A Tad Early 8 of 15
    A Tad Early
    "I showed up 24 hours early for an appointment in my 5th month. Then promptly forgot about it the next day when I was actually supposed to be there." - Heather
    Image: renjith krishnan
  • Where’s My Car? 9 of 15
    Where's My Car?
    "When I was pregnant I lost my car every time I parked." - Cathy
    Image: EA
  • Went Right By 10 of 15
    Went Right By
    "When I was driving home from the store I drove right past my house." - Liz
    Image: graur razvan ionut
  • It Doesn’t Go There 11 of 15
    It Doesn't Go There
    "Put milk in the pantry." - Jaclyn
    Image: digitalart
  • Wrong Kid 12 of 15
    Wrong Kid
    "Once turned around to a child in the supermarket who was saying "mum mum mum" over and over and told them to shut up. It wasnt until I looked that I realized he wasn't mine, as my son was at school. I had to apologize to the mother." -Kerry
    Image: Michal Marcol
  • At Least It Smelled Good 13 of 15
    At Least It Smelled Good
    "While cleaning (or an attempt to clean), I sprayed my counter tops with Febreze instead of 409. Not as effective, but my kitchen smelled lovely!" - Becky
    Image: Ambro
  • Always Took 3 Times 14 of 15
    Always Took 3 Times
    "While leaving the house I would ALWAYS forget something. It would take me at least 3 tries to leave. And I would go places and forget why." - Amber
    Image: Andy Newson
  • Breaking The Law 15 of 15
    Breaking The Law
    "Run a red light." - Alyssa
    Image: manostphoto

Your turn: What is the craziest thing pregnancy brain made you do?

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