Readers Respond: How Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

Let me tell you a weird secret — I have always been afraid of being ‘one of those people’ who end up on one of the ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant shows’ and only realize that I am when the baby is literally exiting my body. I don’t really know where this fear comes from or why I have it, but I do.

I am pretty confident that I will never end up in that situation. Not only because I am pretty in tune with my body and chart my daily temperatures but also because my body loves to give me some pretty clear signals when I am knocked up. Sore breasts, an ultra-sensitive nose and I would cry at silly (like really silly) commercials — all which are not typical me.

I asked some friends of mine and Babble readers if they knew they were pregnant before a test would tell them. Many responded with a ‘yes’ so I wanted to find how HOW they knew — what clues did their bodies give off? Did their bodies give off any signs?

Click through to find out how Babble readers just knew when they became pregnant.

  • No PMS 1 of 11
    No PMS
    "Just a lack of pms 29 I knew!" - Emily
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  • Cyst or Baby? 2 of 11
    Cyst or Baby?
    "Thought I had a cyst on my ovaries. Turned out I had a baby..." - April
    Photo Credit: photostock
  • Ouch! 3 of 11
    "Sorest boobs everrrrrrrrrrr!" - Lori
    Photo Credit: photostock
  • In Tune 4 of 11
    In Tune
    "I just had a feeling. I'm strangely in tune with my body" - Lindsey
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  • Pull Over! 5 of 11
    Pull Over!
    "I was driving to the grocery store when I nearly had to pull over due to nausea" - Regan
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  • Something’s Up! 6 of 11
    Something's Up!
    "I woke up one morning without the urge to smoke cigarettes or drink beer and I knew something must be hinky" - Julian
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  • Convinced I Wasn’t 7 of 11
    Convinced I Wasn't
    "I was convinced I wasn't pregnant even though I was hoping to be (we had just started trying). I had zero symptoms" - Emily
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  • Just To Be Sure 8 of 11
    Just To Be Sure
    "I had spotting so I thought I'd gotten my period. Before I had some wine to drown my sorrows I took tests to be sure. Two lines meant no wine both times" - Allison
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  • I Just Knew 9 of 11
    I Just Knew
    "I knew before I was late. My boobs were big and sore and I just KNEW" - Karen
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  • Late 10 of 11
    "I was late, spotting, sore boobs; I just knew. :) second pregnancy though was a complete surprise!" - Ruth
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  • Aversions 11 of 11
    "I'd stopped wanting to drink coffee & my boobs started feeling tender" - Rubi
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