Reading Personal Stories About Infertility Has Had a Huge Benefit For Me


Reading Personal Stories About Infertility Has Benefited My JourneyI have been sharing my journey about adding another member to our family here on Babble for almost a year and a half. It started with my baby fever — I wanted another child, but the time wasn’t right for my husband. I wrote about the struggles of deciding when that right time would come, and when it did, I was thrilled to be on the “trying to conceive” train.

I thought that I would get off that train relatively quickly and move on to the next stop of being pregnant, but 13 months later we are still trying to add that 4th child to our family — a missing piece. I have shared our ups and downs and struggles and triumphs and one of the amazing things about writing my experience is I have found so much comfort in hearing about your experiences.

When it comes to infertility, there is a certain strength I get in numbers. There is so much we can learn from each other, about ourselves, the medical and nautral properties of the whole thing. We can see that whatever we’re feeling, good or bad, there are others out there who understand. That alone has had such a huge impact on my infertility journey and the road to getting pregnant. Reading personal stories is one of the biggest tools that I have for those days where I am not sure what I am doing.

Now there’s a chance to shine the spotlight on these important stories. With the help of Hyperion, Babble has launched Babble’s Best of Blogs Campaign. You can nominate your favorite blog posts on various parenting topics , including getting pregnant. If you’ve read a post from anywhere in blog-land, or written one yourself, on the topic of getting pregnant (including infertility), head over and nominate the post for the Best of Blogs Campaign.

The deadline for nominations for the Getting Pregnant category is this Friday, March 1st — you can learn more about the campaign here.

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