Ready To Have Your Baby? Try This Natural Induction Method {Video}


Pregnancy is long.

And exhausting.

At the end of each of my pregnancies, I was just done. Once we made it into my 39th week, I was ready to try almost anything to get things moving.

I had just reached the point where I couldn’t handle the heartburn, restless legs, backache, and inability to take a deep breath any longer.

Through my desperate Googling, I learned that there are a few things that are rumored to get labor started naturally.

Some are safe and some are more questionable. (Though it should go without saying, be sure to speak with your doctor before you try anything to help coax your baby out. Babies are safest inside until 39 weeks at the earliest.)

The list of suggestions/old wives tales that I dug up included…

  • accupuncture
  • sex
  • nipple stimulation
  • castor oil (in my opinion, dangerous and not worth the risks!)
  • massage
  • evening primrose oil
  • long walks
  • fresh pineapple
  • spicy foods

Of the items that I tried from this list, none worked for me.

But, my husband shared this video with me at the end of my second pregnancy and I laughed so hard that I swear it was what finally brought on labor…

It can’t hurt to try, right?

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