Real Moms in America Claim They Are Virgins, Study Finds


Real American Moms Claim They're Virgins

Did you know there’s a real term for virgin births? Like, an actual scientific name? I didn’t either, but there is: parthenogenesis. And according to a fascinating study highlighted on CBS News, roughly 1 percent of all moms in America claim they are virgins.

The thing about parthenogenesis, though, is that it only occurs in non-humans who reproduce asexually (Well, except for the Virgin Mary, of course, but we won’t go there…).

I’ve never been one to judge other moms–or anyone, for that matter. I make a point to stay out of the always-ugly Mommy Wars. But to all the Virgin Moms out there, I call BS. Unless you are a virgin who got pregnant via IVF or artificial insemination, which does happen, I hate to say that you either A) need to learn the definition of sexual intercourse, B) have a serious memory problem, or C) are simply not telling the truth.

What’s incredible about this study–aside from its overall finding–is that these Virgin Moms were 31 percent more likely to have signed a chastity pledge than anyone else in the study. In total, 45 out of the 7,900 women surveyed claimed to be virgins, even though they gave birth. Amazingly, 60 percent of them found out they were pregnant during Advent. These ladies were also younger than women who were honest about their sexual history, and came from families that “didn’t speak about sex and birth control.”

The article doesn’t come right out and say it, so I will: These Virgin Moms are clearly religious. Not that there’s anything in the world wrong with that. Unless it’s being used as a reason to lie.

And if you’re claiming to be pregnant but are denying you’ve ever had sex, you’re lying.

Virgin Mary aside, of course.

Did this study just give birth to the next reality show?

Joking and poking fun aside, part of me is forced to believe that these young women truly just don’t know. I won’t call them dumb. Dumb is knowing better but doing otherwise. I think these women, having mostly been raised in a sheltered church life and having likely never spoken about sex, genuinely just. don’t. know.

It’s hard to believe that could be the case in this day and age, but stranger things have happen. Or, wait… Have they?


Read the whole story from its source: CBS News
And check out the original study in its entirity on BMJ Research

Photo: Sean MacEntee via Flickr Creative Commons

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