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Reflecting on My C-Section

By Danielle |

She is cute isn’t she?  I have to say, for someone who caused so many problems while in the womb she certainly is an angel. Since Addie joined our family she has been a complete angel knock on wood of course.

But something I haven’t had time to do is reflect on my feelings about my c-section this time around since it was much different from my first two. I must say I was worried just because I had not had a positive experience with cesarean sections before Addie.   Two labors, two c-sections, and two crappy recoveries, and experiences.

My second c-section I thought I was going to have a full blown anxiety attack during, especially after a whole 26 hour labor before hand.  I think I have blocked out most of my recovery also because it was not positive at all. I can honestly say I do not remember much of the time I spent in the hospital after Ben was born.  I think I remember the day he was born, and the say we went home… and the rest is a giant blur I blocked out. Even after struggling to remember some of the details.

This time around is nothing like either. I knew what I was getting into. I had a scheduled date, plans for the operating room, and a whole new level of control over the situation. Something I had never had with either of my other births.  The control, and planning aspect of it, I fully believe helped to make it a much more positive experience all around.  Although my water broke early, and I had a chance to labor for a little bit, more so because there was a baby in serious distress that truly needed to be delivered before my daughter who was handling labor fine, I still knew in the end what was going to take place.

I had speculated through my pregnancy about a possible VBA2C but as time grew closer, I knew it was not something that would actually happen.

I got my epidural and was on my way to the operating room. The one thing I didn’t like was the 10 minutes my husband wasn’t able to join me for. My anxiety levels went up, as I asked for him repeatedly.  I felt like they were going to start without him, and he was going to miss the birth of his daughter, which in the back of my head was more of my concern than the actual surgery itself.

My anxiety was also slightly high because I know all the complications that go along with multiple c-sections.  The risk of placenta acretta, damage to other organs because of previous healing, etc.   So needless to say, until they had my daughter out, and started sewing me back up, I was on edge that something would go wrong. I was very thankful my OB/GYN talked me through it all and made it clear how perfect everything looked.  No adhesions which was a big worry to me, because I had a lot after my first cesarean that they removed the second time around.

My ovaries, bladder, everything… looked perfect.  Big sigh of relief… even though we aren’t having anymore children.

The one thing I was really bothered by the entire time was the shakes, but I know that no one could really do anything about it. I was shaking uncontrollably for the majority of the surgery. I had minor shakes with my two previous cesareans, but nothing like this. It got to the point where my husband couldn’t hold my hand for a couple minutes. But I am sure if there was something the staff could have done to actually help that, they would have.

Another huge highlight for me was my all star Resident that I had for the delivery of my second son was actually on call that evening, so the number of familiar faces was very comforting.   I had the OB/GYN I originally consulted with, My Resident, and then the labor and delivery nurse I had when I was in labor two years ago with my second son, and the head of neonatology who took care of my oldest son also. There were only two people in the operating room I had not known before getting to the hospital that night, and one I didn’t even interact with, or see at all.

Overall, it was a much better experience than my two unplanned c-sections. There was a level of control I still had, along with knowing this was the best and safest option for myself, and my daughter.

I truly hope that my story and experience can help those who have to face the same type of situation I went through!

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16 thoughts on “Reflecting on My C-Section

  1. Sarah says:

    I can understand the differences you just faced. I had my daughter 5 years ago via c-sec after being induced. Not fun. And that time I had the worse shakes ever in recovery. Last week when I had my son via planned c-sec was different. I didn’t have to worry when they would start things and just go get things hooked up for surgery and have my son and take care of my tubes at the same time. I can say I’m up and doing things and relaxing a lot more after this c-section. This time, since I didn’t have any labor on set or induction – I had almost no shakes.

    Right now the only thing we get to concentrate on is taking care of the new arrivals (my in-laws are watching my 5 yr old.)


  2. Helen Palmer says:

    THanks for writing this, important to recognise the positive side of c-section. Like you, I really hated the prep time before hubbie turned up :-)

  3. Cindy D says:

    This was really informative! I am currently debating whether to do a c-section or not. I had some complications with my first vaginal deliveries and there is a greater possibility that these complications are worse this time around. ANYWAY…My biggest fear is that I will labor and then end up with a c-section. I have heard that recovery is much more difficult if you labor first. Your post makes me realize that I have a lot more to talk about with my doctor. Thanks for the post!

  4. Dee says:

    Kudos! I’ve had a similar experience… my planned C was a wonderful experience after the horror of the previous labor I’d had. I have two beautiful children, and love them both dearly, but thank God every day for the medical technology available nowdays that saved my life and allowed me to have children…. without it, I nor my children would be living. I’m currently expecting #3 and am looking forward to another wonderful planned C experience. Thanks for posting the positive side, it is not spoken of often enough!!

  5. Diane says:

    I have had 4 c-sections now and I have to say with each birth my experience was better. I am not able to vaginally birth and didn’t find this out until I labored for 32 hours with my first child, only to end up with a c-section. I have to agree that having a c-section after laboring is MUCH harder to recover from. I don’t really like the idea of having a scheduled c-section, because I’m always concerned that they are taking the baby to early. Luckily in my case my kids always were able to pick their birthdays, since I’ve never made it to my scheduled date. For those of you contemplating a c-section, I have to say it can be a positive thing. I know the fear of the unknown is huge and I almost think they make it sound worse than it is. After my 3 c-sections that I didn’t labor for hours before, I was up and about the next day. While I was sore, by the end of the week I really no longer needed my pain meds. Maybe that’s unusual, I’m not sure I can only speak from my experience. So for those of you worrying about it, please don’t. Just talk with your OB and anesthesiologist and I’m sure they can put your mind at rest.

  6. Katy E says:

    I just had my 2nd cs (once again, I spontaneously went into labor 4 weeks before my due date just like last time) . When I came in to the hospital, the doc asked if I wanted to trial labor but gave me no grief when I said I’d rather not labor to 10 cm and still have a baby who wouldn’t engage.
    Like you and Helen, I hated that I didn’t have my husband’s hand to hold while they prepped me(and that was the scariest part of the first one too). It’s a really disturbing/frightening feeling to know that someone is about to cut into your flesh while you are wide awake. The anesthesiologist gave me a little versed before starting my spinal block and I found that it really helped me not completely panic in the time before my husband was allowed in.

  7. dawn says:

    Finially something positive about csections, instead of making us feel we are less of a mom or that we should feel guilty about saving our baby’s life and our own(at least in my situation) I had my first via emergency csection after 26hrs of labor and I will never make that mistake again (the labor part) my next 2 were planned and it was a breeze. By the time I had my 3rd the docs just unzipped the zipper, lol

  8. Jenatello says:

    My son was born via c-section in ’09 and we welcomed our daughter to the world in March of this year, also by way of c-section. I wanted so bad to have a vbac but at 41 weeks and 6 days I wasn’t even dilated 1cm. So we planned a cesarean the day I hit 42weeks and that was that. I have to say that like you I felt more in control this time around. And I got to stay awake this time, whereas with our son they knocked me out because they were afraid my epi didn’t have time to take affect and didn’t want me to feel anything.

    It felt like forever before my husband and best friend (I know, the hospital I was at allowed two in the OR with you. Crazy. But my best friend is a RN and she really wanted to witness a c-section so I said she could be there) to get in the room with me. I asked where my husband was over and over again and every time they said that they needed to finish prepping me before he could come in. The nurse was so sweet and held my hand until he could get there.

  9. Lori Nicholas says:

    My first c happened after I was unable to dilate past 8cm and I was really scared. I had prepared myself for absolutely anything in pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood except having a c-section. I had the best anesthesiologist who helped me through the worst teeth chattering ever. The really worst part for me was when I was in recovery, I sent my husband to follow our daughter and I was left alone for awhile not know wing what was going on. It was very scary. I luckily had not gone through pushing yet so my recovery was not bad at all. My repeat C was a breeze and after that I wasn’t sure why anybody did it any other way. :) I do feel that some of my friends look down at me because I had to have a c-section like they are better than me. There is so much negativity these days towards c-section that you can sometimes be made to feel like a 2nd class mother/woman if you have to have one.

  10. Liz HB says:

    I’m so glad it was a positive experience. I’m glad that you were able to enjoy Addie’s birth regardless of how it happened. I guess births like this are probably why a lot of women actually like their Cesareans!

  11. Bonnie B Matheson says:

    C-sections can be life-savers. There is not a single doubt about that. But there are far too many of them these days. I have heard horror stories of a 70% rate at some hospitals. That is unacceptable. Also, why would being 42 weeks mean you should have a section? Babies come when they are ready. Many, many babies are NOT ready at what appears to be 42 weeks. Sometimes it is a miscalculation, sometimes just a baby who needs a longer time in the womb. But it is not necessary to bring this babies before they are ready no matter what some doctors believe. The idea that babies have a time table is as ignorant and archaic as many other superstitions. I wish someone would stop the practice of making mothers feel inadequate for not delivering on time. has more on this subject.

  12. Elle says:

    I will be having my first and only child through a c-section November 9 due to a variety of medical problems. I don’t know anyone that’s ever had one so I’m getting nervous already… How long is the recovery in terms of walking around and doing things on your own? How long before you can workout? Finally, we have a trip planned 5 weeks after the c-section to Mexico. Is that enough healing time to be able to go swimming and have fun with everyone in the water or will I be stuck sitting on the beach watching?

  13. Rick says:

    As a husband I also was very upset that I was not alowed to be with my wife during prep for section, she like you girls was beside her self and no one at all has given a logical explanation as to why. The med field seems to not want to tell the real truth as to why and since I read that it is a common complant I think it’s time for someone in the me field to fess up or stop this nonsense so ladies please put your feet down so this will stop.
    As you can tell I am still upset a out this activity. P S our kid is 10 now.

  14. Rick says:

    I would add that this separation just ads undue stress for mother husband & child and as long as we sit back it will never get corrected. The noise must come from momma because the dads are so often egnored during a section and there opinion holds no weight since they are not the one receiving treatment. If any med personel read this I do challenge you if you dare to give us parents a LOGICAL answer as to why. And keep the bs answer in you pocket. Keep in mind we deserve the truth about this!!

  15. Kimm says:

    I am thinking of choosing a c-section for my next child, my baby is 5 months old, and I am having a hard time recovering from my “natural” delivery which caused a lot of problems. This info helps a lot.

  16. Angela says:

    I ended up with a cesarean after three induction attempts followed by 46hours of labour and then oxytocin which caused serious distress to the baby and gave me pushing contractions before I was dialated. The cesarean was like a light at the end of a tunnel, I have never been more relieved to hear those words. I didn’t expect it to be so fast considering how long we had been in the hospital already but the whole thing was over in fifteen minutes! They put me under this massive heated blanket afterwards which really helped with the shaking from the drugs, (you do shake but it doesn’t hurt or anything). I found that the healing wasn’t too bad considering the labour but the pain was bad for about ten days and then it got significantly better after that. Although I didn’t feel like I could run for about 8 weeks. But c-section pain is nothing compared to what oxytocin does to you!

    If anyone is preparing for a cesarean, my advice to you is… clean your house, get the loosest pants you can find, find good slip on shoes, cook as many meals as you can and freeze them, make sure you go home with lots of pain meds and remember you have just had major surgery so take it easy. One of those little grabber arms on a stick is pretty useful too when you can’t pick things off the floor!

    Good Luck Ladies!

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