Register for Baby Gifts, Help Orphans: Win, Win


I’ve told you before why giggle is one of my all-time favorite places to register for your baby gifts — mostly because they really edit down their selection to the very best.

And now there’s another — even better — reason to choose giggle for your baby shower registry:



If you register at giggle (with products equaling $500 or more), a portion of anything bought from that registry will go towards the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO) — a group that not only donates food, healthcare, and supplies, but also gives orphans the mentoring and companionship that they need.

They give orphans the love and attention that every child deserves.

WWO, founded by Dr. Jane Aronson, has programs in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Haiti, Serbia, and Vietnam. And if you don’t have a giggle store in your area, you can always register online.

Read more about the giggle/WWO collaboration.