Road Tripping Tips? PLEASE!


We are moving this week! Packers and boxes… Dirt and dust bunnies… Purging and holding on. This has been a much anticipated and appreciated change in our lives, especially as we are growing our family. The chaos that this moving process will consist of though, has me a bit panicked, especially in terms of the road trip we will embark on by the end of the week.

Maryland to Florida, folks. That is the drive ahead of us. Because we are down to one car, Paul will be driving a rental car with our smelly dog as his passenger. I will be driving my teeny VW hatchback with our 3 year old, Jackson.

The pro in this arrangement is that I don’t have to smell my 85 lb labrador who has an affinity licking… himself… a lot. My first trimester super-sniffer can hardly handle being in the same room with our dog right now, let alone a small car for an extended period of time. The con in this driving arrangement is that I will have Jackson in my car, and he has the attention span of probably every other 3 year old boy. He moves on from one thing to the next faster than I can uncork a wine bottle.

My car is pretty small, so should Jackson throw a tantrum about wanting animal crackers instead of pretzels, I’ll be able to swap out snacks fairly easily without him blowing my eardrum. He’s super savvy with his iPad. Though I am not a fan of zombie-fying my child with movies and computer games, I’m not sure I have much of a choice on a road trip like this.

I’m hoping that my hormones stay in check, and that I’m not a snappy wench to my kid as we drive through 7 states, but I can’t promise anything. This pregnancy has my hormones set aflame with irritability, hot flashes, cravings, and adult acne.

Do you have any tips for me? Super fantastic first-trimester-friendly car snacks? (I’m eating nonstop, which is somewhat normal for me, but now it’s kicked into overdrive). Games and activities to keep my kiddo content in the backseat? Breathing exercises? Mantras? Calming herbal supplements? I don’t have to wear pants, do I?

Just imagine how many pee stops I’m going to need, y’all. I should just borrow a pull-up from Jackson.


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