Rockin' the Bump: Gorgeous Blogger Baby Bump Photos

Shell, from Things I Can't Say, host of Rockin' the Bump

What happens when one inspired blogger gets an idea to host a link up for other bloggers to share their beautiful baby bump photos?

You get a huge success, with 166 (and counting!) women showing off their amazing photos.

Shell, creator of the link up, who also blogs here at Famecrawler, explains what inspired her to bring all of these women together to showcase their bumps:

I was inspired by Jewel’s attitude during her pregnancy. She says that her belly bump was giving her permission to try styles she wouldn’t usually wear, that she was “#workinthebump.”

That got me thinking about how having a baby bump gives us all freedom to try different looks or just simply embrace our bodies instead of feeling self-conscious.

I think that all pregnant women not only “work” their bumps, but they ROCK their bumps. So, the idea for “Rockin the Bump” was born!

Here’s just a small sampling of the gorgeous bump photos that are linked up on Shell’s blog…be sure to visit Shell’s blog, Things I Can’t Say, to see more and maybe even add your own. The link is open through Monday.