SAHMs vs. Working Moms


Whether this is your first or fourth baby, a new infant often calls for some work contemplation. Maybe you’re considering not going back to work and staying home for a few years. Maybe you’re looking into work-at-home opportunities for the flexibility. And maybe you’re anxious to get back to work.

Even if you think you know exactly what you’re doing post-baby, the thought is probably in your head somewhere. The question of “what if” is natural.

And here’s a unique chance to look into a wide variety of work/life situations — the good, the bad and the inspirational.

This new book by Sarah Bryden-Brown features 13 essays from popular bloggers/mom icons. Everyone from the CEO of giggle to Babble’s own Joanne Bamberger weigh in on their own experiences and best advice.

You can see my full review — including what to expect and memorable quotes — over at Early Mama.

The e-book is only $6.99 (such a bargain!) and available on the Kindle, Nook or your Mac computer. For anyone who wants a glimpse into what the other side(s) looks like, I highly recommend it.