Santa Baby, When Labor Comes On Christmas


An Australian woman gave birth to her baby on Christmas Day, under the Christmas tree with the help of paramedics, one of whom was wearing a pair of antlers. Over in Ohio, one of the pregnant sheep in a live nativity scene gave birth to a baby lamb on Christmas Eve. There’s some built in excitement about a baby being born on this day. But what’s it like for mom?

December 25th was the estimated due date for my daughter.

I had contractions Christmas Eve, Christmas Day… And then she came a couple of days later. We bundled her up in her Moses basket (so many Biblical references! But she is half Jewish…) and put her under the tree.  It was magical. It was beautiful. I’d say it was as if she had been delivered by Santa but there’s no way I’m handing over credit for that particular feat.

Sparkling tinsel and possibly meaningful associations aside, what giving birth at Christmastime meant for me was actually maybe closer to the meaning of holiday than you might expect:

The seasonal timing meant that I had a real, proper village of family and friends coming over to bring us food and help us out and generally care about us and be psyched.  There were baked goods. There were homemade soups. There was champagne and chocolates and a cozy room full of people to pay attention to my older son. My husband was home for a few weeks, my family were off work. I recommend it– not the giving birth on Christmas Day, per se– not a great birthday for the kid, let’s face it. But the part where everyone comes and helps and brings you fresh bagels and smoked salmon and gives your older kid a toy. I remember just sitting there with the twinkling lights and this new baby… a hum of family all around. It felt the way this holiday is supposed to feel. But more importantly it felt the way bringing a baby into this world is supposed to feel, surrounded by love and support.

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