Selma Blair Pregnant Along With Half Of Hollywood


The rest of the country is experiencing a dip in birth rates, but in the Hollywood Hills, baby making does not seem to be slowing down. These past couple of weeks alone we’ve had several announcements: Kate Husdon, Natalie Portman, Jane Krakowski, Victoria Beckham, David Schwimmer, Owen Wilson’s wife Jade Duell. That’s a lot of morning sickness on the 101. Then of course there’s Pink. And Jennifer Connolly. Oh, and Mariah. Can’t forget Mariah.

I’m sure I’m forgetting several others expecting in 2011. The point is, if you’re pregnant, there’s plenty of celebrity fodder for you at the supermarket checkout.

Of all of these women, I’m expecting that Selma Blair may offer the most in terms of inspiring maternity fashion. She’s always been the edgy one.

And the baby daddy is fashion designer boyfriend Jason Bleick. The two met while collaborating for the Ever fashion line where he serves as Creative Director. This is her first child. And I have high hopes for lots of enviable maternity frocks.

photo: PR Photos