Seriously? My Answer to Week 7


With week 7 here, I’m hearing myself constantly question what’s going on. Today, my wardrobe officially began to hate me. Every single thing I put on was tight or unappealing, and it became clear I was just never going to squeeze into it. Seriously? Not to mention, my ankles already seemed to be retaining some fluid, and the annoying pelvic stretching along with lower back pain as if I’m about to pop is driving me insane! Is it sad that I’ve already broken out the heating pad? And let’s not even talk about my raging hormones please. So what gives?

I am not sure if it’s because I just had a baby 10 months ago or how I woke up looking 3, going on 4 months pregnant. But hello full-blown pregnancy and awkward looking fat stage! I don’t remember every being so – hello baby before! Usually I am not showing until at least 3 months, which makes me a little nervous about what I will look like in 25 weeks. I also don’t remember ever being so uncomfortable. I can hardly eat without feeling like I just ingested a horse and my boobs hurt so bad that last night – I resorted to ice cold cabbage. Oh yeah, the hubs looked at me like I was insane but I was desperate. Cold cabbage + the heating pad does a preggers good. Another thing – forget about holding my pee! When I gotta go, I gotta go. And of course, that’s quite often! So again, I ask myself…seriously? Why do I feel like I am 38 weeks pregnant? Especially since I have a high tolerance to pain! I guess this is what happens in your 5th pregnancy! Looks like I will be shopping for maternity clothes this weekend…or a really comfortable recliner.

Anyone else entering their 7th week?

What I-could-so-do-without symptoms are you experiencing?

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