Sextuplets Born: Move Over Gosselins!


While the Gosselin sextuplets recently celebrated their seventh birthday already, a new six baby reality show in the making is being welcomed into the world in Pennsylvania. Move over Kate!

News sources all over the state are reporting that sextuplets have been born at a north Philadelphia suburb hospital on Wednesday of last week. The babies, three boys and three girls are now being cared for at Abington Memorial Hospital.

It seems as though Pennsylvania has its fare share of sextuplets although annually one set is only born in the United States on average.  Certainly it is a rare event.

The parents have declined to be identified at this point in time.

Do you think Kate and the kids have local competition now since their reality television show has taken a turn for the less entertaining?

Do you think this family will give reality television a try?

Or do you think they will just wait for their children to be released from the hospital and move on to a nice quiet family life in the area?


Pacific Coast News


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