Should I Feel Bad About This?


pregnancy Now that the cat is out of the bag the first thing I hear after congrats is, “how are you feeling?” I’m not annoyed by this question. I think it’s nice that people care for my well-being, but I’m always a little nervous to answer.

See, I had a smooth first trimester. Let me make that an extremely smooth trimester. I had no morning sickness, could still eat pretty much what I wanted (although what I wanted was carbs and more carbs) and generally felt the same except I was tired. I attribute this to the fact that my body has never had trouble handling hormone changes (hello Clomid), it’s in my genes and I was able to sleep as much as I wanted. I’ve also heard, “You had to work hard enough to become pregnant so you’re being blessed,” which is a nice thought but can’t so much be scientifically proven.

Why I’m afraid to tell people this is because it’s generally moms who are asking and I’m uncertain of what their pregnancy experience was like. If they had a pretty easy first trimester their response is, “That’s great.” If they had a very bumpy first trimester they are not afraid to share their horror stories and make you feel like you haven’t experienced what it’s really like to be pregnant unless you’re so nauseous you can’t leave the couch for three months straight. Why is this the first reaction? I guess we like to relate to people we are talking to by sharing our own stories, but I don’t want to feel guilty because I’m pregnant and not sick.

So what do I do so I don’t feel bad? I start off by saying, “I’m so blessed…” so at least I come off gracious about my experience so far. And even if I had been sick, I would still feel like the most blessed person in the world right now.

If you had an easy first trimester, did you ever feel bad about admitting it to people?

image: The Daybook