Similac Recalls Formula Tainted With Bug Parts


Welcome to the world of recalls. It sort of comes with the territory when you become a parent. Or a car owner.

This time it’s formula. Abbott Laboratories has recalled millions of containers of Similac powdered baby formula. Insect parts were found in the product and the plant where the formula is made. Apparently consumers found beetle parts in formula, complained and then a search of the plant turned up beetles and beetle larvae.

The company is recalling nearly 5 million containers– that’s a lot of formula down the drain.

Formula is most often very safe but does hit the headlines from time-to-time as there can be contamination issues: it could be the water, the bottles or, in this case, the formula itself.

An Abbot spokeswoman said that less than 1% of the formula was affected and apparently the Food and Drug Administration thinks there’s no “immediate health risk”  but babies’ intestines might be irritated by the small insect parts. Oy.

If you have any Similac formula and want to know if it’s part of the recall you can check the Similac website here, or call (800) 986-8850.