Skipping a Repeat Cesarean

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Since I have become pregnant with my third child, the question of why I do not want to have a third cesarean section has taken main stage in many of the discussions I have had. Whether with family, friends, providers, or just complete strangers on the internet. My answer stays the same the recovery.

Seeing as I have been there, and done it twice already, many assume I would just opt a third time, but the fact is I am a big baby when it comes to pain. And having major abdominal surgery to deliver my child is not something I see as an elective choice.

The painful recovery stands out in my mind mostly. The horrible time I had getting in and out of bed in the hospital, and at home which lasted a couple weeks. The pain I had holding my new baby because if he moved in a certain direction it would graze my fresh stomach wound. And the nausea caused by the medications given to me to help with the pain which just made me sick. I would have rather dealt with the pain over the throwing up, pain, and misery of the pain pills.

The first weeks of my infants life were not filled with all the joyful moments of bonding, feeding, and cuddles but fear when I heard him wake because I knew I would physically have to move and pick him up, causing more pain.

Now that I sound like a complete Debby Downer, I will wrap it up. It is not that I do not love my children, and I am grateful for them every day that goes by. They are the light of my life, but the first weeks after such a major surgery is not pleasant no matter how you slice it. No pun intended.