Sleep and Pregnancy. Enjoy It While You Can!

Sleep and Pregnancy
Enjoying sleep while pregnant - enjoy it while you can!

I am an insomniac. Sleep is something while I know is good for me, my body doesn’t crave it. The typical night for me involves 5 good hours of resting. That was until last weekend.

It’s storm season here is Texas. Between the thunder, lightning and rain and this baby that is growing at rapid speeds – my body has waived it’s white flag and has surrendered to the sleep monster.

Last night I was lulled to sleep by the storms rolling in and slept a solid 11 hours. I feel better than ever.

At my last OB visit, she offered me Ambien. I’m personally not a fan of medication while pregnant, so I declined. I am now possibly rethinking my stance if insomnia returns – I might just give in. Maybe I’ll have some crazy Ambien scenario to tell you about.

How Much Sleep Did You Get While Pregnant? Did You Ambien Or Use Medication To Help You Sleep While Pregnant?