Snooki Pregnant?! Oh Boy…

Fast your seatbelt gentleman, it's going to be a BUMPy ride.

If 2011 was The Year of the Beyonce Pregnancy, might 2012 be The Year of…

The Snooki Pregnancy??

According to Star magazine, Snooki, the Jersey Shore reality star who is known for her exhibitionism, questionable taste and love of vodka, is with child. Gawking celebrity pregnancy spectators rejoice!

Here are some hints she’s dropped about her current condition: Last week she tweeted that she was having “cravings;”

‘I feel sick’ in one tweet and later, ‘Late night craving…yogurt hits the fricken spot!’

Last month she told Jay Leno that she’d like to marry Jionni [LaValle, her Jersey boyfriend] and start a family. Recently the 24 year-old slimmed down, maybe she was on a prenatal health kick?

I used to love vodka, too. I’m sure Snooki will do just fine.

Who knows, maybe she’ll become the next celebrity spokeswoman for public breastfeeding?

(UPDATE: Snooki tells LA radio show she’s not, in fact, pregnant.)

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