Snow Ice Cream: A Lowish-Fat Frozen (Free) Treat!


snow ice creamIce Cream and pregnancy go together like Pickles and Ice Cream and pregnancy, without the pickles. In these blizzardy days when running out to the store for a pint of creamy deliciousness is even more of a pain in the butt than it usually is, you will be glad to discover that a creamy sweet treat awaits on your doorstep. Or possibly on the lawn to the left should you not want to eat the snow that rests on your actual walkway.

The closer to your door you get the snow, the less chance there is of you slipping and falling. So I recommend a spot within arm’s reach.

I happen to have become a bit of a snow ice cream expert over the past couple of winters…

The bowl pictured is the creation of my son: a snow ice cream dessert featuring various fruits and vegetables. It is currently curing in the freezer for an indeterminate period. Our family’s fixation started when we read the Little House on The Prairie series and my kids became obsessed with the maple sugar snow recipe. But we have tried snow ice cream in many ways. My personal favorite requires a little prep work. I make a lemon curd and mix it with the snow for a treat that hits all the right buttons: sour, sweet, creamy, cold, yum. But the simplest recipe just involves dumping a can of condensed milk onto the snow, some vanilla if you’re feeling fancy, and mixing gently with a spoon. If you don’t happen to have condensed milk lying around the house (gee, doesn’t everyone?) you can improvise with a mixture of milk and the sweetener of your choice. Preferably a liquid one unless you like your snow ice cream extra crunchy. The beauty of these recipes is that they don’t use cream, so they’re much lighter than a real ice cream dish. You can also try a coconut milk version, perfect for a vegan diet!