Soldier Served In Afghanistan At 7 Months Pregnant


Kayle Donnelly, a private in the British Army, was stationed in Afghanistan when she started gaining weight. She thought it was just stress (what with being at war and all).

But it turns out that Donnelly was pregnant: very pregnant. She didn’t find out until she started having contractions, and gave birth to her son two weeks later.

Kayle was on vacation from her job as a machine gunner when her contractions started and her son Josh was born.

This is the longest pregnancy recorded in a servicewoman in Afghanistan. But female soldiers get pregnant more often than you might think .

According to the Daily Mail, over 100 soldiers were dismissed from Iraq due to pregnancy between 2003 and 2009. In 2009, U.S. Army Major General Anthony Cucolo issued a crackdown among his troops, threatening that unsanctioned pregnancies could be an offense subject to court-martial. Cucolo  claimed he did not intend to arrest women for becoming pregnant, but to encourage his troops—all 20,000 of them‚ to “think before they act”. Cucolo’s warning also applied to the male soldiers who might impregnate female soldiers. The father of Kayle Donnelly’s baby was also a soldier in the British Army. The two parents are currently on Maternity leave in Manchester.

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photo: M@x/flickr