Some *Very* Ladylike Cupcakes

Eat your heart out Judy Chicago!

I don’t even know how this picture came across my screen–credit the wonders of Facebook and the birthy, girly world I mingle in there–but now that I’ve looked at it I just have to marvel. It’s amazing how nicely icing falls into the shapes of labial folds. In fact I don’t think I’ll look at (or lick) icing the same way after seeing this.

And then how about that rogue sperm? The couple of menstruating cupcakes? The silver candy pubes? And all those pink bits!

I bow my head to the creator of these cupcakes. A lot of knowledge of both cake icing and vulva diversity has gone into these. I’m impressed.

Happy birthday ladies! Here’s a larger version:


Photo:Edith Lafrenière

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