Somehow I Lost a Week


Somewhere along the way I lost a week.

An entire week. That can’t be right. How does one lose seven whole days when they have been counting the weeks for months on end? I’m not really sure the answer to that but apparently I’m capable of doing such a thing.

Today was the first of my every-two-weeks OB appointments. As usual my doctor pulled out her little measuring tape to measure my progress. “35 weeks.”, she said.

Woah, what? That can’t be right. “That’s two weeks ahead, right?”, I replied.

“Nope, just one. You are 34 weeks measuring 35 weeks.”

“Oh. That’s farther ahead than I thought. I thought my due date was September 18th.”

“Nope, September 11th.”

Umm…okay. So I guess I’m 34 weeks along not 33 weeks. Which doesn’t seem that significant except I’M NOT READY YET! I still have so much to do. And to buy. And to prepare for.

Plus, if I end up with another c-section—which is likely given my history—it will probably push my due date up another week.

I could be having a baby in just five weeks. That doesn’t seem possible. Five weeks is like a minute away with the speed that time seems to be traveling these days.