Sorry Charlie... Or Danielle


When life throws you lemons, you are supposed to make lemonade right?  Well I have gotten my share of lemons since I discovered a huge pregnancy scare was actually a kidney stone on Thursday.

But yesterday it got worse, with a pending snow storm again, and no relief yet, I asked the on call urologist from my Doctors office to give me a call so we could discuss options for treatment since it would be a miracle if I made it to the appointment I had scheduled for Today.

After a lengthy game of telephone with office staff, I got a call from a nurse who basically told me they could call me in a prescription for some kind of pain management, but that was it.

That’s all.
No surgical options, no treatment options… nothing until May when this baby is born.

Unless this little bad boy passes on its own, which I am not hopeful of happening at this point because of being on day 6 of pain and suffering with no indication it is going anywhere, I have to deal with this for another 13 weeks.


Thanks for the prescription I can’t stomach though, I know the doctor meant well, but realistically there is no way I can take vicodin without getting violently sick or being in a coma for a good 8-13 hours, of which I clearly would not be able to care for my kids.

Oh the joys of pregnancy!


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