Stork Parking, Anyone?

My view in the grocery store parking lot yesterday.

Yesterday was a humid, hot and blustery day. And a busy one, too. In an effort to beat the clock and make it home in time for my son Oscar’s nap (timing is everything with this kid), I raced to the grocery store for a few staples I had let run out, yet again.

I dread this errand. I don’t like grocery shopping in the first place, but during this pregnancy, it’s the one thing that is guaranteed to bring on a case of the dry heaves. The thought of it alone can bring on some dry heaves, if you want to know the truth.

I pulled into the parking lot and circled a few times, hand over mouth. Of course there were a few spacious Bermuda Triangle spots, but lucky for me, Oscar is in a stage where he thinks he needs to be carried. Lately I either have to oblige (hello back pain) or let him throw a mini tantrum on the asphalt, which isn’t especially safe nor convenient.

And then I saw a spot. And not just any spot, a good spot—like twenty-feet-away-from-the-entrance good. My heart sank when I saw a marker at the stall’s foot. But then, oh glory!, it started singing: Parking for expectant mothers or parents of infants. It felt a little like a godsend.

At that moment, I loved my Martin’s grocery store. I’ve also heard of this “Stork Parking” at places like Babies-R-Us, Target, Home Depot, and even Red Lobster, though I can’t verify any. And some cities have attempted to pass bills that would set aside an allotted amount of stalls for expectant women.

In doing some reading, I saw that my source of momentary joy was also a source of conflict for many. While I think it’s might be more sensible to offer “young family” parking, some have commented that they don’t appreciate pregnancy considered as a disability (even if you’re on bedrest?), while others say it’s insensitive to women who are hoping for children but haven’t been able to conceive. I can’t say I disagree.

I can’t decide if we should fight for better options (anyone else want a spot closer to the cart-return area?) or if we should just be happy the “courtesy” is extended at all.

What do you think? Is Stork Parking appreciated or annoying?