Stylish Maternity Clothes You've Never Seen


maternity dresses I’m always on the hunt for stylish maternity wear, and I just love stumbling on new sources that I haven’t seen before. And the more unique, the better. Old Navy and Gap Maternity are great for accessible maternity clothes, but what about those extra special pieces that make your three trimesters that much more bearable? The kind of maternity outfits that you snap weekly photos in and wear to special events?

It’s rare to find super trendy maternity wear that doesn’t cost designer prices, so I was happy to find Topshop. Have you ever heard of it? They take the seasonal trends of their regular collection and adapt them for pregnant women. It’s not quite as affordable as Target, but not nearly as pricey as designer boutiques (with maternity dresses ranging from $40 – $100, maternity jeans around $80 and shirts from $10 – $75).

Take a look at some of their maternity wear:


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Shop maternity wear at Topshop.