Superbowl 2011: Pittsburgh Newborns Born Steelers Fans


We know that die-hard sports fanatics often push teams onto their kids via onesies, hats, jackets, crib bedding, etc. It’s only natural, seeing that newborns are the easiest recruits, without any imbedded loyalties and opinions. Whether it’s about sports or literature, we all secretly hope our kids will love the things we love.

But is one Pennsylvania hospital taking their Steelers fanaticism a little too far?

In honor of the Superbowl 2011, all babies born at the St. Clair Hospital in Pennsylvania this week are being wrapped in the official “Terrible Towels” Steelers towel with a Steelers knit hat on top.

As one dad said of his newborn daughter, “She can choose her religion, but she can’t choose what team she likes.”

What do you think? Were you/are you/will you be one of these team-pushing new parents?

[via The Stir]