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gender reveal cake One of the first things I ask when someone announces their pregnancy is whether or not they’re finding out the gender. I’m one of those people who loves surprises but I don’t think I could wait the entire nine months without knowing. I can barely stand looking at my wrapped birthday presents for more than a few hours before I just want to tear them open.

While I understand why some couples choose to keep it a surprise – I’ve heard the line, “There are only a few true surprises that exist anymore,” – what about approaching the surprise differently with a gender reveal cake? That way you still have that moment of “oh my gosh!” without having as long of a wait (and the trouble of everything having to be gender neutral).

Here’s how it works: The ultrasound technician seals the news in an envelope which is then dropped off with a baker. The baker puts either blue or pink frosting in the inside layer so then you take it home and dig in or throw a party so other people can enjoy the surprise moment as well.

What do you think, would you throw a gender reveal party? If you say no, you might change your mind after seeing the cute surprised faces of the expecting parents below.

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See the entire party on On To Baby, photos by Luliloo Photgraphy

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