Surprise Pregnancy Symptom #567

Who knew tooth brushing could be so painful?

It seems that pregnancy is full of surprise symptoms.  Every time I turn around I learn something new.  Since my husband and I were of the “let’s see what happens” camp of baby making, I didn’t really read up on anything prior to getting pregnant aside from what prenatal vitamins to take.

So, this week I’ve learned about “Surprise Pregnancy Symptom #567″ and I thought I’d share it with you in case you were in the dark about it too.

Here it is:  sore/painful/bleeding gums.  Weird, right?  I learned about this symptom this week the hard way.

I wish I would’ve read this before scheduling that appointment for a crown that I’d been putting off for the last year.  The dental work in and of itself wasn’t so bad, except for the impressions I had to take and the fact that I almost puked on the dentist (that’s an entirely different story though), but it was the after-effects that were less than stellar.

Less than an hour after the dental deed was done I was at home checking my email inbox and received my week-by-week pregnancy e-mail from Babble informing me that bleeding, swollen gums are something I should expect during this stage of pregnancy.  Already swollen gums + dental work + only being able to take a couple Tylenol = waking up in the night with a throbbing, painful mouth.

So…if you start experiencing bleeding/swollen/painful gums don’t be alarmed – it’s apparently normal.  Feel free to read a little more about your changing teeth and gums over at The March of Dimes website and make sure to talk with your dentist to take care of any teeth problems you entered into pregnancy with.  Next time around I’m definitely getting my dental work taken care of pre-pregnancy.

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