Surprise! We're Pregnant!

There is most definitely a bun in the oven.

Not me, silly! I just gave birth. Also, I would never use the term “we’re pregnant”. Screw that noise. He doesn’t have to puke up a lung every day for nine months. He doesn’t have to wet himself every time he sneezes, he doesn’t have to push a human being from his body. I’M PREGNANT. Got that?

But who doesn’t love witnessing a good wedding proposal or a man learning he’s going to be a father for the first time?

I videotaped telling Serge I was pregnant both times. But in my excitement the first time around I accidentally deleted the video. I know. I’m a dope. I was so upset I cried.

There’s something about seeing that first dawning of realization in a person’s face – witnessing someone learn life changing news – it’s just awesome.

That’s why I just spent the last hour looking at Surprise We’re Pregnant. There are 15 heartwarming pregnancy announcement videos, from stoked grandparents to pissed of toddlers learning about a new baby, the reactions are priceless. Go on! Click over and check ’em out.

You will cry.

There are several unique ways aside from video to announce your pregnancy.  Click here to check out some cool ideas.  And for kicks, here’s Serge learning he was going to be a dad again on Father’s Day: