Surrogacy. Could you? Would you?


I have a “friend” on Facebook that was recently a surrogate mother for a same sex couple who wanted to become parents. She documented her journey through a private blog, which I was so thankful she invited me to read.

Her journey, start to finish, completely amazed me. I loved reading her weekly updates, as the whole process blows my mind. I was most interested with the emotional side of the story. For instance, how was she going to feel handing over that little baby right after birth? Was she planning on breastfeeding? What was her relationship like with the baby’s intended parents? Was there going to be a long term relationship with the family’s after everything was said and done?

Recently, here at Babble, Amy Levin-Epstein wrote a fascinating article, interviewing five different surrogate mothers, asking them to tell a bit about why they chose to become a surrogate.

Some did it for the money. Others did it to “give back” to society. I imagine some surrogates even “do it” because they love being pregnant.

I’ve thought about it, if I would ever consider becoming a surrogate, and my immediate answer is: probably not. Whether my reasons are justified or not, I have them. I don’t love being pregnant, pregnancy is hard on me both physically and emotionally. I’m no longer a spring chicken, getting up there in my child birthing years. And quite frankly, all the shots and hormones a surrogate has to take kinda freak me out.

But would I consider it if a best friend or sister came to me to carry their baby for them? Yes, I would consider it. I admit, the desire to help the ones I love the most trump most my reasons I’m opposed to it.

How about you? Would you consider becoming a surrogate? Being an oven to someone else’s bun?

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