Swollen, Puffy Pregnant Ankles Never Felt So Smooth


Filed under: Seriously, what will they think of next??? Here’s an extended razor for the bending impaired. It’s called Razor Reach and it was designed by a women who struggled with depilation issues in her own pregnancy.

In fairness, it is pretty hard to get down there and shave when pregnant. And hairy ankles can be the cherry on the icing on the cake of a pregnant women’s long summer’s day. Seeing those wiley black hairs and just not … being… able… to reach…

You could get in the bath to do it, legs up. Or splurge on a wax that makes this all avoidable. Or wear those hairy legs with pride. There are bigger problems in the world.

You could ask your partner to shave your ankles. Pregnant Bethenny Frankel was happy to have her fiance wax a long line of pubic hair off her stomach. On television. But, you’re not getting paid for shocking hair removal tactics, and, honestly, it’s not the sexiest way to spend your last child-free weeks together. Tying a pregnant partner’s shoes is one thing, negotiating her hairy ankle bone with a blade is another.

photo credit: Razor Reach

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