Taco Bell & State of the Union Address... Life of a Preggo!


How did this pregnant woman spend her Tuesday night?  Parked in front of the TV watching the State of the Union address and eating my favorite beef-free taco bell creations. But I must admit, I actually did make an attempt to make dinner last night before jumping into the fast food pit of despair.

I am not the most domestic person, I am the first to admit it. I can cook and clean, which I do daily. But do I like to do it?  No way. And cooking really often consists of following someone’s recipe and praying I end up with something edible.

But of course after all the drama surrounding the beef mixture at Taco Bell in the last 24 hours, my husband decided that is what he wanted when my pork chops looked more like the high school cafeteria mystery meat.  So instead, we simply opted for mystery meat of the fast food variety!

Of course I must admit that Taco Bell is one of my bad cravings. I try to get something semi healthy like a salad, but last night I did myself in with a chalupa and nachos. Went perfect with Obama talking about Facebook, education for our children, health care and of course taking away tax payer dollars from oil companies. I almost knocked over my small child-sized soda as I cheered for that one!

Of course, this morning I am paying for the taco bell and the late night.

photo: Photography